Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday was our oldest grandson’s 16th birthday (white shirt in the picture).  One of his uncles (Son #3 in orange shirt next to him in picture) posted the following advice for him:

Happy bday Nephew!!
Advice from your wise and worldly Uncle Ross:
Live life by these 3 simple rules:

1. Duty: Always remember your moral, family and employment obligations
2. Honor: Honor thy father and thy mother and whomever else knows your true heart
3. Loyalty: Always remain loyal to yourself and your family. And ALWAYS Remain true to your word.

(Now I may have 'borrowed' the above rules from a military basis, but these can obviously be applied to a non-military situation).

P.S. And one last piece of advice: women are drawn to us Flathouse men like moths to a flame...don't marry the 1st moth that comes ur way...marry the one u can't live without (or wait until u are at least til your 30!).

Seeing values like these being passed down to the next generation makes me proud!  Thanks, Son #3!!  The picture above was taken last Thanksgiving.  It shows all our sons (Son #2, Son #4--the tallest one, Son #3, our grandson, my husband, and Son #1).  I am very proud of all of them!

By the way, after this message to young grandson appeared, I looked out the window of my art room and saw my husband leaning on the back of his pickup and two neighborhood women were standing there in earnest conversation with him.  Perhaps there is great truth in the post script above??