Saturday, January 28, 2012


This past weekend our family gathered to meet Son #3’s Emily AND to have a surprise celebration of hubby’s birthday.  He knew about meeting Miss Emily but the birthday celebration was a complete surprise.
The weather was beautiful, although a bit cool, and we IMG_2222had wonderful outdoor activities.  Volleyball was popular until the dog grabbed the ball and punctured it.  The band aid that young grandson applied did not help much.
The low tightrope provided a challenge for everyone!  Thanks to Son #2 who set this up for almost everyone to try—and some even mastered it nicely.

We enjoyed having Miss Emily with us for the weekend.  She was a real trooper to come meet ALL of us at one time.  Please come back, Miss Emily!!

The birthday party was a real surprise and the cake by granddaughter, Miss Em, was a wonderfully artistic creation that captured the essence of her Granddaddy.  It was a delicious Craftsman toolbox complete with tools!

After the birthday party Son #3 taught the children (and adults, also) a bit about heartbeats.  He brought a stethoscope for each child and they listened to their own heartbeats and that of the very patient dog, Nero.  Thanks, Son #3 and Nero.

The evening ended with a wonderful fire in the fire pit that hubby and Son #2 constructed for our patio.

The weekend gathering was great fun!  Thanks for coming, one and all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This weekend we will have all our boys here to meet Son #3's Emily and to celebrate hubby's belated birthday! Shhh! That last part is a secret. The emails, phone calls and text messages have been flying the last couple of days with planning, menus, questions, and suggestions. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! I hope to post next week with pictures of all the excitement--once I have rested up!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today is my sweet husband's birthday.  I hope it has been a good one for him.  I had a little party for him at lunch and he has received lots of birthday wishes by phone and e-mail and from the neighbors.  Unfortunately he had a meeting tonight so we could not have a party for him, but the week is not over yet!  ;) Heh! Heh!

This picture was taken on Christmas day.  The dog, Nero, belongs to Son #3.  Surprises still ahead!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have been away from my blog so long that I totally forgot how to post a new entry to the blog.  Shame on me!  Looking back, I am not sure what I have done in those months, but here is a thumbnail sketch of events and happenings:

1) We settled into our newly remodeled house nicely and have frequent visitors--friends, family, grandchildren.  It is wonderful to have room for everyone without having the kids sleep on couches in living room and den.  It is also wonderful to have my art room where I have had a place to work on whatever project I am involved in at the moment.  My art table has been a sewing table, a painting table, a writing table, a Christmas gift wrapping table, and a place where grandchildren can explore various arts and crafts when they come.  Below are a couple of pictures that I painted and gave for Christmas presents.

2) I got a new computer!  #$%&%$!!  I thoroughly DISLIKE changing computers!  My brain balks at shifting from old ways of doing things to new ways. And, not only did I get a new computer, but I changed from using a Dell PC to (Gasp!!) a Mac!  Let me tell you--IT HAS BEEN A REAL LEARNING CURVE!  If I hear one more time, "It's very intuitive..." to describe Apple products, I think I will scream!  Somehow my "intuitive" instincts are missing!  The redeeming factor is that there is an Apple Store just ten minutes from where I live and I have become very familiar with their Genius Bar and have taken all the classes that they offer.  However, I am STILL learning.

3)  We had a brutally hot and dry summer.  We had put in all new landscaping the year before and we spent a good deal of time outside hand-watering to keep things alive.  As the temperatures rose and persisted, we seemed to wilt while we tried to stay cool and hydrated.  Fortunately, we have had some lovely rains the past couple of months but not nearly enough to fill up our lovely lakes.  The picture below was taken when Son #2 and family came at Christmas and we explored a part of a nearby lake that is usually 40 feet below water.
While other parts of the country had way too much rain, we had absolutely none!  And then the wildfires started around our area.  Fortunately, they stayed away from here, but I do have two emergency evacuation bags with important papers and a few clothes ready "just in case."

4) I also facilitate two writing groups.  These groups are designed to help women write their memoirs.  One group has been meeting for almost ten years and the other group has been meeting in a retirement center for about five years.  These women LOVE to write their stories and I never grow tired of hearing their stories and sharing mine with them.

Happy New Year to anyone who has not given up on me and is still reading my blog.