Thursday, December 3, 2009


The weatherman says that we can expect some snow tomorrow. At the gym this morning the girls' dressing room was abuzz with talk about possible business closings, school closings, hurrying out to shop, what emergency items to buy and so on. And, NO, we do not live in the far north. We just live in an area that sees freezing weather infrequently and snow about every ten years or so. People around here get excited about snow in the weather forecast!

If it DOES snow, the roads will probably shut down because people just do not know how to drive in the stuff. That means that schools and businesses will also close but lots of people will continue to get out and that leads to lots of fender-benders on area roadways and broken bones from slipping on icy sidewalks.

If it DOES snow I will take lots of photographs because I almost NEVER get to take pictures of snow around here because we almost NEVER have snow here!

Can you tell I am excited about getting some snow? I am going to make a big pot of soup, some bread and maybe even a decadent dessert. I am going to bring in some of that new oak we have stacked in our backyard, build a nice fire and make a big mug of hot apple cider to help me "weather the storm." Or, rather, the few snowflakes we have--if we are lucky!


  1. Sounds inviting to be at your house with the pot of soup, etc. and a warm fireplace watching the snowflakes. How peaceful!

  2. Oh boy: snow! I'm a snow freak myself. I do all sorts of whacky things when the snowflakes begin to fall. There's the mad dash to locate my moth-laden mittens and hat. Then there's the scramble to brew some hot cocoa, then whip up some stew or chili.

    Do we ever tire of being a child? I hope not!

    Enjoy making snow angels.


  3. I remember the first time I came to Austin it snowed/freezing rained the first few days so they closed work and my first day ended up being Thursday. The city ran out of salt and everything it was closed. And it was just a little freezing rain and snow! Cracked me up.

    Texans and Californians need to learn to drive in wet weather. :)

  4. As someone who grew up with winter snow and cold weather, I am enjoying my recent winters in the Pacific Northwest with little, or minimal, snow!

  5. You make the cold sound fun! Our weather was in the 50s today and we cuddled down with some movies and a blanket!