Friday, April 9, 2010


Last weekend we decided to take a break from our packing since our builder told us that we will probably have another 2-3 week wait for the building permits to be issued. We headed off for the coast where two of our boys live and had a great time catching up with them and our grandchildren.
Although the weather was foggy and drizzling part of the weekend, there was enough sunlight to enjoy the perfusion of wildflowers everywhere. I took a zillion pictures and have lots of ideas for paintings. The bluebonnets are especially gorgeous this year. I also saw the newly developed Aggie "Bluebonnet" which is maroon. You can see a few peeking out of the bluebonnet picture on the right below.

We went out for Mexican Food with Son #1 and his family. His children are growing up way too fast. We enjoyed our food and the Mariachi band that played while we were eating.
On Easter Sunday we joined Son #4 and his family at our daughter-in-law's family gathering and enjoyed watching Miss Ella Bella and Mr. Colt run around and play. Miss Ella Bella is really into posing for pictures.

And in a nearby town I found another PAT'S PLACE (bookstore), but it had recently closed.
It was a wonderful weekend away, and we came back to our half empty house all refreshed and ready to do more packing and preparing to leave our home whenever it is time.


  1. Someone else posted some wildflower photos from Texas on their blog...I'd love to see them. Lucky you to be able to paint flowers so well!!! I wish I could do that, too.

  2. 天下沒有走不通的路,沒有克服不了的困難,沒有打不敗的敵人。........................................