Sunday, July 25, 2010


I keep praying for patience with this house remodeling--but I want it RIGHT NOW!  I am tired of living out of suitcases and boxes, but I know I will REALLY appreciate the house when it is finished!  In the past week or so they have finished almost all of the outside siding and all the windows and doors are in! 

They have done a myriad of things that are very important, but are hard to see as far as progress goes.  They gave us a color sample of the stucco that will go over the bricks but we thought it was a bit too dark and muddy looking.  And I went out to pick out the granite for the kitchen counter tops and am going nuts with all the choices.  I ended up with four samples that I have been carrying around and looking at every day.  Decisions, decisions!
Occasionally Bossy Mama and her herd come by the house for an inspection--and probably a handout also!
I finished a painting of the Rancho de Taos and plan to give it to a friend.  I have been working on some maroon bluebonnets all summer and they are driving me nuts with the amount of detail in the flowers and leaves.  I will be glad to finish that picture and move on to something else.
Last week I escaped all the building madness and went to help out with grandchildren.  I had a great time!  They kept me laughing and I enjoyed playing with them.  I took them to "school" the morning I left and they were waiting on the stairs for me to gather up their lunches.
And this next week we get to see another set of grandchildren.  What fun it is to have them come visit.


  1. know how quickly time passes and, before we know it, you will be IN the house and getting things ready for Christmas! So...hang in there....this, too, shall pass! Cute grands, by the way!

  2. Oh the frustrations and waiting of a remodeling job! But soon they will be forgotten as you enjoy all you've created. Hang in there! The best is yet to be!

  3. Thanks, Pat. I know, I know--that is what my sweet, patient husband keeps telling me!

  4. Sounds like visiting grandchildren is the perfect solution to impatience. Love the painting.

  5. I know all these things take time but it will be awesome when it's done! How cool that the deer come so close to the homes?? Enjoy it!