Monday, September 27, 2010


Son #2 came with his family this past weekend and we got to keep the girls both Friday afternoon and Saturday.  My husband and I had several suggestions for activities:  movies, Imax, shopping, museum, etc.  However, they said that what they wanted to do the most was art with me.  I was so surprised and pleased, so off we went to Michaels to purchase supplies since mine are all stored away (I can hardly WAIT for my art room to be finished so that we can “do art” together with adequate supplies!).  The girls each selected a project and we got to work.

P1020454Below is a picture of their projects plus a painting by Little One.

P1020453After the wooden art projects, we got into water colors and they produced some lovely paintings.

P1020461After being so creative we went out to eat hamburgers at a place my cousin introduced me to a couple of weeks ago.  Yum!

P1020458On Saturday we went to a small gallery in the area and looked at pictures by local artists.  We had a wonderful discussion about the different kinds of art and our different tastes in art.

And, lastly, here is a picture of my latest painting.  I am very pleased with it (but, of course, my photo of it does not quite do it justice).


I am so glad my granddaughters enjoy doing art with me.  I fully anticipate that they will grow up to be artists in their own right from what I saw over the weekend.  And we had a great time!  


  1. What fun and how nice that they enjoy your passion, too. Of course, I love YOUR painting...but I've loved your paintings since I first discovered your blog and saw your work. You are really blessed to have such talent!

  2. They had so much fun!! Thank you for taking care of them for us:) Arrie is drawing pictures and setting them aside "For Grandmommy"! Your picture is gorgeous:)

  3. It was a treasured moment for me to realize that art is more important to them than going somewhere and doing something to be entertained. That is a lovely trait in your girls! Tell Arrie that I can hardly wait to see her pictures!!