Friday, November 19, 2010


They are making great progress with our house and we are ALMOST there, but not quite.  A few snags have caused delays, but things are moving along in a most exciting way.  The floors are done and they finished the fireplace today--quite a change from our old red brick one.  And the floors look just lovely!

The kitchen now has a microwave and I could boil water because the sink also now has fixtures and water that will come out of the faucet.

The claw foot tub we rescued 15 years ago from my husband's aunt's backyard and had refinished is now installed in the hall bathroom.  Note the 1881 railroad rail installed above the tub--it is also an antique from my husband's family.  I can hardly wait to take a bath in that huge tube and sink all the way into the bubbles!

Our bedroom now has carpet and the bed is supposed to be delivered this afternoon.  Unfortunately, there are too many unfinished tasks and inspections to obtain a certificate of occupancy next week, so our move-in date has been moved from next week to another indefinite date. I was disappointed to hear that today.  Perhaps by Christmas??

Meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to get organized for Christmas.  Thankfully, one of my sweet daughter-in-laws has offered to host all of us (all 4 of my boys and families together???) for an early Thanksgiving on Wednesday.  That is so exciting!  I plan to take lots of pictures and will post a family update next week sometime.


  1. Those last minute delays are so disappointing. We had to do Christmas in our old house one year, jammed in with mother- & grandmother-in-law who had planned to be there with lots of room in the new house. The good news is that my sister moved into her new house yesterday, a couple of weeks late, but she's there. Or working on it. You'll get there too.

  2. It would seem like they can get you in before Christmas...let's hope. So far, things are looking wonderful!!!