Sunday, March 1, 2009


My computer is still under the weather. My #1 Son, aka Computer Guru, had it up and running and ready to ship off to me when it crashed again. He said he just decided to insert a NEW hard drive and dump all my stuff into the new hard drive. Whee! However, that will take more time, so I am still without my Photoshop to create new pictures to paint, my mouse to help me navigate more easily, my files to consult for things I am writing, my e-mail addresses, etc, etc, and so on!

However! I have reminded myself that I am quite lucky to have a laptop, clunky though it is, to use in the interim. I can check my e-mail, read my blogs, do blog entries, and stay in touch with my computer world to a certain extent. Mainly this will make me appreciate my computer, my #1 Son, and the backup computers that have helped me this navigate this cyberspace that has become so important to me.

Ah, technology! How did we ever live without it??


  1. Ugh! The battle of the computer! I know it well! I'm still fighting with Windows Vista and problems with my blog! Just when I think it's safe to post, something else crops up to be dealt with by my techno-computer savy husband!

  2. I hope he figues it all out for you soon! I don't have a smart son around to help!