Friday, March 13, 2009


For many years I have used the plastic bags from the grocery store for several things:
1) I line my trash cans with them and never buy liners for my trash cans,
2) I give them to Mother to loop over her walker and carry things hands-free,
3) I used them as packing when I mail packages,
4) When traveling, I put my shoes in bags to protect my clothes in the suitcase,
5) I carry a couple in my suitcase for dirty clothes when traveling,
6) I use them to carry my knitting projects with me in the car, and
7) IF I have a large supply of plastic bags, I take them to the grocery store for recycling.

Now that I have three reusable grocery bags, I am not getting as many plastic bags in the store. I also decline bags when I know that I can carry my purchases without the need of a bag. My supply of free plastic bags is dwindling. Does that mean that I will now have to purchase plastic bags to line my trash cans--and what will that do to the landfill?

For another interesting discussion on such matters go on over and read what Linda at My Own Velvet Room has to say about "frugal dilemmas." She says that she does not have all the answers and I don't either. I am just trying to be more aware of ways to help out our planet!


  1. Pat, I use them when we're traveling. I hang it over the door handle and put our trash in it, disposing of it when we get to our destination. I also keep a couple stored in the car for future use.

  2. I think we all use them many ways—and it is a ‘freebie’ when we use them that way. One day I suppose we will have to BUY them for those various uses.

  3. I use plastic bags all the time too! For bringing my lunch to work, putting my shoes in... As a solution you could use your reusable bags most of the time, but when you feel you need some more plastic bags, just don't take them with you. That is probably the most eco friendly solution I can think of.

  4. Between my husband and me, we keep a good supply of plastic bags on hand, AND I sometimes forget the reusable bags, so your advice is good. However, I do notice that I have less than I used to have. A sign of these eco-friendly times, I guess.