Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today they were supposed to do another surgical procedure on Mother and the nurse said she thought they would take her about 8:00. She suggested I get there a little before 8 a.m. so I could accompany her down to the surgical area. We waited all morning--no surgery. The nurse worked hard trying to get pain medication balanced so that Mother was not in too much pain or agitation and right after lunch she was finally fairly successful in calming Mother down. It is so tough to watch Mother writhe in pain, but the nurse is a real jewel!!

Still no surgery after lunch, so about 1:00 the nurse began calling all the surgical areas in the hospital to see what the problem was and no one had her scheduled. Seems like the doctor expected the nurse to schedule the surgery and the nurse said she had never had to do that before. A slight glitch! The nurse then called, scheduled the surgery, and they finally came and got Mother about 2:30 and finished up (unsuccessful at what they were trying to do) at 4:00. I left shortly afterwards feeling like I had taken a beating.

The good news is that Mother is beginning to make sense and wants FOOD and DRINK! She thought they were taking her downstairs for food and was so disappointed that they did not feed her in the surgical area. When the nurse was trying to give Mother a pill with a small sip of water, Mother whopped the nurse, grabbed the glass and began chug-a-lugging the water. The nurse said that Mother is way too spunky and not ready to "check out" quite yet. That's our MOM!

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  1. WOW...she IS spunky!!! I'm sorry for the mix-up about the surgery and sorry, too, that they weren't able to accomplish what they'd hoped to do.