Saturday, October 3, 2009


Mother went to the hospital with kidney failure and dehydration about 10 days ago. She improved at first and then her lungs began to fill with fluid. We have had a wonderful doctor who went on a "detective hunt" to discover the cause of her rapid decline. Today it was discovered that she had a bladder tumor which was blocking both tubes from her kidneys to her bladder. The tumor was removed and the tubes were opened up. The doctors feel like she will make a full recovery and that her prognosis is good. One doctor said that she would probably be back to playing "bingo" by the middle of next week. Her other doctor said that the procedure had literally saved her life!

I am not quite so confident about her rapid recovery since she has been very weak the past few days. However, this evening she was bargaining with the nurse to leave off the oxygen mask for just one hour, so she might surprise me. As one of my sons said, "She is a very stubborn woman!" He also added that her daughter had learned about being stubborn from her--surely he did not mean me???

I thank all of your for your prayers, well wishes and help during these long 10 days. Please continue to keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way as she recovers.


  1. What good news for me to hear as I'm getting ready to shut my computer down and head for bed. If she was bargaining like that with the nurse tonight, I think she WILL be playing bingo within a week!!!

  2. How precious ... a mother that refuses to succumb to life's assaults! That stubborn streak may just be a blessing, or something bold located in the DNA (which makes is easy to pass along).

    Prayers for her recovery.

    Blessings & peace to you.


  3. Still keeping you in our prayers and thoughts.