Thursday, December 10, 2009


Let's see: the week started out Sunday with an early a.m. call from Son #2--his well went out and they had frigid temps and no water. Next Son #1 called and the engine (or motor or whatever) went out on his vehicle. Monday dawned with lots of fog and drizzle and our hot water heater went out. Hubby got it fixed and I decided to do a load of laundry. Soon I heard a loud screeching noise, opened the garage and it was filled with smoke. Washing machine went out loaded with dirty clothes and water. Wednesday Son #3 called to say that the soreness in his leg turned out to be a broken tibia and then Son #4 called to say that they returned home last night to find water standing in puddles from a broken water main. What's with all this breaking?? Seems like our family is setting some kind of trend or something.

Hubby is now out wending his way through all the washing machine options. He left a while ago with a yellow pad, the newspaper ads, and lots of notes from the internet, my brother-in-law, our children, and all the other advisers who have put their two cents worth in to help us decide what we need. Used to be simple to buy these things. Now the choices out there are staggering. I stayed home to work on Christmas presents. I think the washing machine will be my early Christmas present!


  1. Oh no!! What a Murphy's Law day you have had!! Hope tomorrow brings lots of good news and blessings! Hang in there!

  2. Oh, dear.....I hope things stop breaking for you and your family now.

  3. Whoaaa.....girl!...Hope next week is much better for you and your family.