Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is not a book of mine, but one that I helped get published. I have a friend, Lawrence Seeger, who is almost 82 and is very literate. He reads all the time, does some writing of his own, lots of genealogy and, after I had introduced him to the rictameter form of poetry, began writing several rictameter poems each week.

A rictameter consists of nine lines of poetry with no rhyme required. The poem starts with two syllables for the first line and increases two syllables per line until line five has ten syllables. The lines then decrease by two syllables a line until the final line has two syllables. The first line and the last line are identical.

An example of one of his poems is:

Are fun to write
They just pop in my mind
They're like popcorn in a popper
They fill up the pan and then flow over
The words are like kernels of corn
I love making poems
They're really great

After I had accumulated about 50 poems in my e-mail in-box, I suggested that we organize the poems into a booklet, add some pictures and self-publish the book through in time for Christmas gift giving. Lawrence was excited about the task and together we assembled an exciting book for his family for Christmas.

Lawrence and his best friend, Laurie!

If you are interested in ordering the book, it is listed at, and it is listed as "Lawrence's Rictameters." Congratulations, Lawrence!!

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  1. I think you should write an end of the decade post too. :) Or give me your big life events and I'll write them for you!