Friday, January 22, 2010


We got our first set of plans from the architect yesterday and that made things seem more real. I think I am entering a state of shock--or maybe it is just the cedar pollen that is getting to me??

I spent the morning with the builder looking at other houses and my head is swimming! A minute ago he was back here sat the house trying out the treatment that he wants to use on our brick. Every time I look out he is here measuring, just looking or trying something. He is really enthusiastic!

I am packing, making trips to Goodwill, looking at plans, packing, visiting houses, gathering ideas, packing, throwing things out, cleaning up. Whew! This remodeling is beginning to feel like real work! Gotta pick up speed on the packing because I am not making very much progress on that task.


  1. What a great adventure! I can hardly wait to hear stories of progress, and pictures of the new scheme.

    Have a blast,

  2. I'm sure it will all be worth it in th end!

  3. This will be fun I think! Take lots of pictures to share with us.

  4. good luck....take lots of 'before' and 'during' as well as 'after' pics! a huge endeavor but i'm sure you will be glad you did it once it's over :)

  5. Everyone fastens where there is gain.........................................