Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We hardly ever have snow here, but it came today with HUGE snowflakes and is just beautiful! The neighbors and I have been out taking pictures and enjoying the excitement of snow in our area--after 70+ temperatures just two days ago.

The neighbor's house across the street with the huge snowflakes coming down heavily.
Our house with snow sticking to the roof and grass.
Our pond with snow around it.
Jasmine (with spring flowers) and holly covered with snow.
A neighbor snapped this picture of me in the snow.
And he got out his sled--just in case!


  1. Fab photos, Pat! Isn't it pretty! Too bad it won't last much past tomorrow morning.

  2. I would gladly volunteer to send you all our snow for the next MANY years. :)

  3. Crazy weather! You've got to admit that it's pretty though!

  4. My imagination was working overtime in relating to the idea of getting excited about that dusting of snow until I realized that I would be WAY excited right now to have ONLY that much! So far this season we have had about 55" in our Pittsburgh suburb. 36" of that was on the ground all at once. (We have a good shot at topping five feet for the season, a record breaker.) It has compressed and melted down to only a foot or so at this point, and our long driveway is clear.

    It's all a matter of perspective, and that I understand. It is gorgeous, for sure.