Monday, June 14, 2010


At the first of May we went to Soph's First Communion in the Panhandle.  She was beautiful and very prayerful.

After her First Communion we gathered at her parent's house and enjoyed visiting and eating.  We were glad Son #3 could also join us.  Below is a picture of Son #3 and Son #2 with their dad.

At the end of May we went to our oldest granddaughter's graduation from high school--daughter of Son # 1.  It seems like just yesterday I held her as a newborn and let her play in the water in our backyard without anything except her diaper.  Guess she will blush to hear that.  She was beautiful the evening of her graduation and has many interesting things to look forward to in the future.

We had a dinner party for her before graduation and took lots of pictures.  Here she is with her grandfather and me.

Son #4 and his family joined us for the graduation dinner and we had a great time at the hotel before the graduation ceremony.
To the right is a picture of the graduate and her sweet mother.