Saturday, June 5, 2010


Tuesday I had my second cataract surgery and this one was much more painful than the first one and I have not seemed to bounce back as quickly as before although my vision is so much improved that I cannot complain too much.

Wednesday we had a big rain storm in the evening and we suddenly realized that the workers had removed part of our garage roof on Tuesday. We rushed over to the house and, in running across the front yard, my husband slipped in the mud and fell heavily to the ground. At first he could not get up and I tried to help but fell on top of him. Finally we both got up--all covered with mud and found that our garage was flooded. We had stored some of our appliances and our lovely wooden front door there and all were sitting in about two inches of water. We spent quite some time cleaning up the water and putting everything up on blocks to keep them out of the water. Next we went out to check on our dog in the back portion of our backyard and she had dug out--evidently when the thunder and lightning started. The next morning a neighbor who found her called and told us that she was safe. Whew!
Thursday we began to move into the house across the street from our house since those neighbors left for the summer. Yesterday, in the steaming heat, we finished bringing our belongings to their house and found that it was full of mosquitoes. Itch, itch!

Our house is coming along nicely. The framing is mostly finished and the sides went up on the upstairs rooms. This is how things are looking from the front of the house.
And this is how the house looks from the back.
I also found another stairway to nowhere. However, on Monday they will cut a hole in the upstairs floor into our attic over the kitchen area. We have a huge area for storage up there. For someone who has lived in a house with almost NO storage for about 40 years, that stairway looks like a stairway to heaven!
Monday the workers will put roofing on and we will go around and mark where we want electrical outlets, cable outlets, and switches for lights.


  1. I hope you and your husband are both okay after your fall! Your house looks like its coming along nicely, can't wait to see it fully finished!

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear about your surgery and the fall!! Hope you all are doing better tonight:)
    Love all the pics, it is really looking nice.

  3. You have had quite a week of UPS and DOWNS (literally and figuratively). I hope the upcoming week will be an easier one for you and hubby. I am envious of all the storage you will have as my ONLY storage now in this house is in the closets, under beds, etc. LOL

  4. I am quite familiar with tiny closets and under beds for storage. It was amazing what I pulled out of those cramped spaces. Now I will not have any excuse for not being able to find things. Next--getting organized in thos storage spaces!!

  5. Pat,
    I can only think about the old days when cataract patients had their heads immobilized in sand bags for a week post-op and there you are flopping in the mud and moving things in your garage 24 hrs after surgery.
    Hopefully, you, Virgil and Daisy will have a much more peaceful and comfortable week.

  6. We are both fine and hardly any worse for the wear and tear. Just returned from our 4-year-old granddaughter's birthday party and had a wonderful time with Son #4's family over the weekend.

  7. Glad to hear you have recovered and all is well.

  8. Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油!..................................................

  9. I'd say you've had a busy week! And what amazing progress you're making on the house.

    I pray your recovery is swift & effective, and that soon you'll be having a blast settling into your new nest.