Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The past few weeks have been very busy.  We have seen all of our four boys and all seven of our grandchildren.  Last weekend we visited our #3 son who was receiving a “Preceptor of the Year” award that is a type of “teacher of the year” award for the Physicians Assistant school where he trains PA students in a hospital setting.  We were very proud of him.


I also got to see one of my former first grade students graduate from the program and receive his white coat.  Congratulations, Mark!  I am proud of you! 


While there we visited a family farm and I got some good pictures!


Growing cotton.  I found out that the way they plow those perfect circles is by way of a GPS system and not just the perfect steering of the farmer.  The tractor has two (TWO!!) computer screens in it and the farmer has a technology fellow who works for him!  Wow!  I was impressed.



A beautiful field of sunflowers near the family farms.  Looks like another painting idea!


BIG farm equipment for those wide open spaces!  Note the yellow “headlight-looking thing” on the top of the tractor—that is the GPS system hooked up to one of the computer screens in the tractor.

And then we returned home to find that they had started painting the outside of our house.  Yippee!!  And today they are putting on the roof which means that they will begin working on finishing the INSIDE soon!  Whee!


Meanwhile I have finished two paintings. 


One of my friends named the one above “Aggies Rule” because those are maroon bluebonnets developed by Texas A&M in the A&M colors.


And tomorrow I am off on another trip—pictures next week!


  1. I love the pictures! Your house looks terrific!

  2. As I was reading through this post and looking at the pictures, I was thinking about leaving a comment about the photographs of the farmland. (I am a HUGE fan of prairie landscape), but then I got to the end and saw your beautiful paintings! Oh my, Pat, they are beautiful! I especially like the last one - it almost looks like a photograph!