Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I came home from the fitness center this morning and had a HUGE surprise.  Much of the red brick of our house is not red brick anymore.  Three young fellows who are artists with their trowels had transformed out red brick into a soft tan stucco that looks wonderful with our new soft green paint.  Note the stucco around and below the siding on the left and the red brick still remaining (and now mostly covered) on the right.  Our house no longer looks like an old red brick house with additions, but is quickly beginning to looks like an integrated whole!


At the rate that those three trowel artists are moving, I suspect that they will be finished with all of the brick by mid-afternoon.


  1. It looks WONDERFUL, Pat...wish I lived close enough to see this when it's done as it is really turning out excellent!!!

  2. I love it!! It is looking wonderful:)

  3. Hmm. Maybe they could come stucco the brick in on two walls of our family room. The mortar is inset half an inch, and those walls are total dust-traps, not to mention dark. I'm excited for you too see these transformations taking place.

  4. wow that looks great! i can't wait to see pics of the house when it's finished (and hope to see it in person one day!).