Friday, September 3, 2010


The inside of our house is looking better each week.  This week they finished all the sheet rock and sprayed the texture on it.  I think this will be the last of the trucks in our front yard since they were supposed to begin our landscaping today.


Our walls look WONDERFUL!!  No more “see through” house!


The picture below shows the arched openings between our entryway and our dining room.  At first the wall was solid, but it seemed so dark in the dining area that my sister suggested openings so that we could get more light AND I could see out from my kitchen (behind where I was standing to take the picture).  I think the whole wall will be lovely when they apply the trim around the arched openings.


We still have a ways to go though.  Last night we had our first big rain in a month and, wouldn’t you know it, the landscape people showed up this morning to begin working on our walkways.  It was too muddy and they left after about an hour.  The floor people were also supposed to begin prepping the floor today but I think they decided to wait until it was not so wet and humid to start.

Kids and grandkids coming this weekend!  I am excited!!


  1. It's looking REALLY nice, Pat!

  2. Happy weekend with the grandkids, Pat! Your home is looking very nice - you must be so excited for it to be finished so you can move back home!

  3. that looks great! i like how nice and open it is.

  4. Stunning progress. Can't wait to see it finished.