Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Our house is really beginning to come together!  This afternoon we talked about the landscaping plan which should begin later on this week.

P1020471Yesterday, we talked about a bench and shelf for our mud room.  I found a picture in the Pottery Barn Catalog and showed it to our builder and he said that was exactly what he had in mind.  He tacked the picture to the wall…

P1020478…and about three hours later our very artistic carpenters had created this.

P1020479Note the picture still tacked to the wall in the photo above!  They also finished the arched openings between our entryway and dining room and they look neat and clean with the wood that arches across the top.

P1020475 At the end of the day they were putting the stair treads and risers in under the admiring eye of our builder, and the rails come tomorrow—thank goodness!  The upstairs and stairs without rails give me a bit of vertigo and I have been so afraid someone would step off into thin air. 


And I finished one more painting and packed it away for yet another move.  We have been house sitting for wonderful neighbors who were gone for most of the summer.  They are returning and family members are gathering for a wedding, so we are making, hopefully, our last move before returning to our own home.

P1020485I took photos of the hibiscus flower at the suggestion of my granddaughters when we were at the beach in July.  Thank you, girls, for calling the flowers to my attention.  I think the painting turned out just lovely!


  1. Great job done on that bench unit for you. Your Hibiscus painting is lovely. What a great painter you are!

  2. Labors of love, for sure! What a celebration there will be when it's all done.


  3. Wonderful to see the progress. How much longer? A couple of weeks, maybe ... three? Lay a few carpets, stain some paneling, clean up ... you'll have much to be thankful for next month! And what a truly beautiful painting. You are so multi-talented!

  4. So jealous! I always wanted one of those in my laundry room but it isn't big enough! Awesome!