Friday, September 10, 2010


Our remodeling took on a new “air” of excitement this morning.  We have floor people, tile people, and landscape people all banging and working in and around the house.  They also delivered wood for the floors, tile for the bathrooms, doors and frames, railings for our stairs, and heating/a/c equipment which they stored in our garage.


All the crews were busily working away when a landscape worker picked up a couple of large pipes that had been stored in the yard for several weeks.  They were to be used under the driveway for the gas line.  He began shaking one pipe and yelling into it saying that a squirrel was stuck inside.  My husband looked in the other end of the long pipe and said it was NOT a squirrel but a skunk!  About that time the skunk ran out of the pipe and into our garage.  Now what??  We did not want to upset the skunk for any reason at all and we could not tell where he went amongst all those supplies.

Finally my husband found the poor, scared little thing behind a large board leaning against the wall.  The skunk was just cowering and shaking, but all of our initial efforts to shoo him out were unsuccessful.  Seems like he really liked our garage!


My husband began to nudge him out towards the garage door but when he got into the daylight he scurried back behind the sheltering board.  This time he stuck his tail up in the air and my camera and I ran for the back yard.


My husband nudged him out again and for a long time he cowered in the corner of the garage with his tail raised and aimed straight at us…


We finally angled the boards so that he had no place to go but outside and he ambled away into our front yard.  I am not sure where he went after that, but my husband quickly shut the garage door so we are sure that he will not get in there again today.  Whew!

Meanwhile the workers just kept on working.



Building is such an adventure!!


  1. Whew.....crisis averted!!! You surely didn't want skunk stench permeating any of the building materials!!!!!

  2. A skunk isn't someone I'd like to have as a visitor! Glad it went on it's way without making a big stink about it! LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so glad he didn't spray you all! I'm so glad they got all those supplies delivered and so many people are working on it.

  4. Looking back on our "adventure" I think we really lucked out that, as Donna says, that skunk "went on it's way without making a big stink about it." Our neighbors are wondering exactly WHERE he went? I don't know!

  5. I see that you didn't decide to go witht he diagonal pattern on the floor. It looks great already!