Monday, December 13, 2010


We moved over the weekend.  We spent Friday night in our very empty house and ate breakfast on our lawn chairs and table.  Then the movers came with our furniture and mountains of boxes!  How did we ever accumulate so much stuff??


My sweet sister and lots of neighbors came to help!  Thanks so much to each one of you!


Sunday a.m. my sister, my husband and I had breakfast by the fireplace.  Nice!


The following picture’s caption is “Table?  What table?”  I finally uncovered it this evening so we could eat dinner—a casserole brought by a neighbor.  Delicious!


And my nephew’s little girl came by yesterday afternoon to explore the little kid’s room under our stairway.  She spent about half an hour there, so I guess the grandchildren will enjoy it.


This house is going to be so wonderful, but right now I am a bit overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done in almost every room.  Thankfully my sister and a neighbor arranged and completely decorated the two guest rooms.  I am so grateful to them for that.  PLEASE come back SOON!!!


  1. Pat, house looks fantastic. Sorry there is so much work involved, but I know how happy you will be when it is all where you want it.

  2. I'd love to help if I lived closer. I mean...I feel like I should be seeing this house anyway after following along on this project for all these past many months! LOL

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