Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We moved into our house on December 10th.  I had broken my little toe about ten days before our move and I came down with a horrible cough the day we moved—either from all the dust, the beginning of the dreaded cedar pollen, or a virus.  All of that slowed me down a bit.  Prior to our move I had done very little Christmas shopping and, thus, felt very overwhelmed.  Almost everyone in our neighborhood put up beautiful Christmas decorations, but I could not even find mine and really could not find time to worry about decorating our messy house filled with boxes.

I tackled boxes and our kids came to the rescue.  Son #4 and family came to help and got my washer and dryer installed. 


They also conspired with Son #3 for a huge surprise for us.  On the Monday before Christmas, Son #4 said he was going to get breakfast for us.  Meanwhile, Grandson #2 decided he could not wait for his dad to return so we were in the process of making scrambled eggs.


In walks Son #4 with Son #3—fresh from the airport and carrying a beautiful vase of roses for me.  I was so surprised I almost fell over and did get all misty-eyed.  Son #3 had arranged for a day off to come celebrate an early Christmas with us.  Below is Son #3 with Son #4’s daughter, Miss Ella Bella and wife.  Son #4 is the one holding my Christmas tree.


Son #3 saw that I was missing a Christmas tree and went out and bought a tiny one that we put on a chest in the living room.  We exchanged gifts, had dinner together and returned Son #3 to the airport.  Thanks, guys, for such a wonderful surprise!P1030177

We went to visit Son #4 and family for Christmas and had a wonderful time there.  We got some much needed sleep, some great food, and had some time away from all the boxes and disorganization at our house.


Son #4 came back with us after Christmas and did about a month’s worth of work in one day.  He organized my husband’s office, got our computers and cable television up and running and installed blinds in all the rooms upstairs.  My husband’s office is looking great!


But my art room is complete chaos—especially since the painters came yesterday and moved everything to paint the baseboards.


I’m not sure what I am going to do to get all that organized, but I need to start working on it—TODAY!


  1. Many hands make light work and you certainly had the help of many hands. Although it wasn't conventional, I think this Christmas will go down in your memory as one of the best. You were all together and it worked out fine.
    I hope you will be very happy in your new home.
    Blessings, Star

  2. Wow ... talk aboutg a bushel of blessings! Not only is your long-awaited roost readied, but it's filled to the brim with the best of decor: family!

    A blessed season, friend. And may 2011 follow it with even more.


  3. Before you know it, you'll have it all under control, and the life you dreamed of in this spiffy new house will be rolling right along. It's looking great!

    Happy New Year!