Saturday, February 5, 2011


Snow was predicted for Friday but we did not see one snowflake by the time we went to bed.  The weatherman said that we probably did not have enough moisture for snow and it might miss us.  Great was our surprise when we got up early Friday morning to find our yard covered with a beautiful blanket of white snow!  To make things a bit more interesting, the weatherman said we had rain and sleet before the snow started about 3 a.m. and it was very slick under the soft snow.  The news stations were warning everyone to stay home and off the streets.

It was beautiful in our neighborhood.  This is an early morning view from my upstairs art room.P1030866

This is a picture of the front of our house as my husband and I prepared to venture out in the snow.


A view below of my frozen pond.


And the ledges contained many cat footprints.  Evidently the cat that has adopted my husband was busy patrolling the perimeter of our house to protect us from any dangerous snow flakes during the night.  We found her huddled on our back porch waiting for her early morning petting and then she went on her way exploring this new white stuff that was covering her pathway.


Snow does not happen in our part of the world very often, so we enjoyed the experience for several hours until the temperatures warmed up and it quickly disappeared.  Today it is a balmy 64 degrees with bright sunshine.  It is hard to stay indoors today!


  1. You all did get a nice snow! Much better than the dusting we got with the same storm system. Glad it has warmed up now though:)

  2. Oh, y'all! I'm so happy for you that you saw white for a few minutes, and how I wish I could ship you a few megatons of the stuff from Iceburgh to prolong your enjoyment and hasten the end of mine. :-b