Thursday, February 3, 2011


The past month and a half have flown by and I have been so busy that I have been meeting myself coming and going. 

The middle of December we moved into our house with more boxes than I ever dreamed possible.  Then Christmas sneaked up on me and we celebrated with our boys who came and went the weeks before and after Christmas.  In between visits I unpacked and STILL have boxes to unpack!


Well, I must admit that my art room looks a whole lot better than the picture above, and the picture on the easel is framed and mailed, but there are still a few boxes left!

The grandchildren came and helped me christen the art room.


Miss Ella Bella wanted to have a canvas and use the easel!


Son #2’s wife and children did not mind working on the floor. Hey gang, come back because I have a table now!!

Then we went to southern California and spent ten sunny days while our area had drizzle and rain.  It was green and beautiful while we were there!


And I have drawn off the above picture (the view from our room at the resort where we stayed) for a new painting.  I am working on a rose painting (below) from one of the half a zillion pictures I took in the beautiful rose garden where we stayed!  Still some work to do on that painting!!


And now we have settled in for the WINTER!  It is a HIGH of 25 today and has not been above freezing for the second day in a row!  It has been unusually cold for us but temperatures are due to be back in the 60s in a couple of days.  However, we hope to see the rare sight of a few snowflakes this evening!

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  1. I love the rose, what a beautiful color. And it looks like CA was wonderful!! We will be coming back for some art time, but darn if my calendar isn't filling up quickly. But we will work on it! Stay warm:)