Saturday, August 25, 2012


Since finding out that I will be the featured artist at the Bastrop Art Walk on September 7th in a shop called High Cotton, I decided that I would explore painting a cotton boll.  I planned my painting and did a quick one on a 4x4 tile.  It turned out quite nicely, so I am now sketching it out on a 12x12 canvas.

I am a very slow, methodical and meticulous painter.  Many of my paintings take two to three months to finish--mainly because I paint in many layers, one thin coat of paint after another until I get the look I want.  My favorite things to paint are individual flowers.  Here are some examples:

Each of the two paintings above took several months to paint.  Of course, I usually have a number of paintings going at once because I paint on one, let it dry, move on to another painting, and so.  I always have something to work on and I never get tired of the variety of challenges that my paintings present when I walk into my Treetop Studio.

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