Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday all of my school-age grandchildren went back to school. Four of the seven are now in school. I talked to three of the four in the afternoon after school and they sounded like they had a good start. One had gone out with friends, so I missed talking to him. The picture on the left shows Em and Soph in front of their school--all ready for their first day.

I remember when my boys went back to school each year. There was the rush to get all the school supplies needed for their grade level. And new clothes and shoes were purchased. I had to be careful about buying too many pairs of jeans for those rapidly growing boys because a couple of them seemed to outgrow their pants on the way home from the store. Our last one was especially bad about that. In his sophomore year he literally grew almost an inch every month. I just could not believe that he could outgrow a pair of jeans before I had even washed the stiffness out of them. I guess that is why he is now 6 foot 7 inches tall. He outgrew his pants, his brothers and our clothing budget. Now he has children and will probably experience the same thing!

I wish all of my grandchildren a wonderful year of school, interesting classes. lots of learning, and smooth sailing along the way.


  1. They do grow fast don't they? Mine seem to have feet that outgrow a pair of shoes before they've been really worn. WB thinks it's just an excuse for new shoes, but they really are growing...so, so fast!!

  2. Yes, they do grow! Talking to all of them yesterday brought back a flood of memories.