Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'd Forgotten

After having four children of my own, you would think I would remember what the first week after the birth of a child was like. Nope! I had erased those tapes from my memory until this past week.

Young Grandson #2 will be a week old tomorrow and I have spent the week with Son #4 and his family. Whew! What a refresher of memory. Daughter-in-law is hurting in all those places that I had forgotten. She has no energy, but the two-year-old had enough energy for all of us--if only we could tap into that energy source.

And Grandson #2 has his days and nights all mixed up. He sleeps blissfully all day and is awake and fussy all night. Last night was a breakthrough, though, when he slept 4 hours between feedings. Whee! We all got 4 hours of quality sleep and felt much better this a.m.

Progress is being made and I will leave in a few days confident that this family will continue to learn all the lessons that I learned through the process of building a family. It is tough to learn new lessons with each new child, but I would not trade those years for any treasure in the world.

Write about life lessons that you have learned during the tough times in your past.

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