Monday, August 4, 2008

More on New Arrival

Grandson #2 came home from the hospital yesterday and is doing very well. Mother and Dad are trying to catch up on their sleep. It will take a while, but Grandson #2 seems to be taking it all quite calmly--just eating and sleeping.
Here are a few updating pictures.

Granddaddy holds him for the first time.

Aunt Tammy came to visit.

Grandson #2 arrived at home and rested in Mom's lap. Then he checked out his new bed and fell asleep on Dad's chest. Today Miss Ella Bella returns home from her other grandmother's house and the family will be complete.


  1. So sweet! Okay, now I'm jealous that his other aunt got to hold him first:)
    And really these pictures are just heating up my baby fever, probably why WB says I DO NOT need to go visit my baby nephew anytime soon...pooh:)

  2. He is a doll and so loveable!