Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Elections

I have become quite overwhelmed by the number of conversations about the elections that I have encountered lately. Seems like that is all folks are focusing on.

However, I did read an interesting comment on Elyse's genealogical blog where she states the following: "The bottom line is this: Maybe you should be considerate to your descendants by making sure there is something that is saved that shows how you felt about this election - and maybe even how it changed your life. Maybe save that newspaper editorial you wrote or print out the blog post you wrote about your favorite candidate. You could save your yard sign or pin. Even a simple letter that explains your feelings on the issues would work."

I must admit that I am so close-mouthed about my political views that I rarely enter into conversation about such matters with anyone. But Elyse's blog did catch my interest and made me think that I need to record my feelings somewhere--maybe a journal entry or a story in my folder for future reference.

Write how you feel about this year's presidential election. Do you have a favorite candidate? Have you been open in campaigning or discussing your feelings with friends and/or family? How will your descendants know about your political views in this historical election?


  1. I'm conservative, so that should tell you something about my politics. This year's election has been very stressful. I'll be glad when it's over!!

  2. Pat, I'm pretty closemouthed too, and I beat you on this blog topic by a few hours. Glad to hear Elyse and I are on the same page.

    My assessment? God help America, because people don't seem able to!

    Although I tend to sound seriously pessimistic these days, being torn in the choice between what I perceive to be a choice to decide the lesser of two evils to cast my vote, I do feel optimistic about the future of the USA and the world.