Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Good Stuff

Barbara, at Serenity Room has posted another list of ways to make things easier during this time of economic difficulties. I believe that her suggestions are good even if there is NOT a financial crunch going on.

Many of the things on Barbara's list just make good sense for everyday living and help with organization around the house. Things like making a shopping list and sticking to it while shopping; making nutritious snacks such as popcorn instead of buying chips or crackers; cooking beans, rice, soup and eating those things instead of buying prepackaged items or eating out; shopping newspaper ads and using coupons for items you buy. Learning how to make bread, learning to sew, consciously conserving gasoline and making handmade gifts for birthdays and Christmas are other great ideas to put into practice and make a part of our lives.

I know I have drifted away from some of the methods that I used to conserve money when we had 4 boys at home and I had to really plan our spending to make my husband's paycheck cover all our needs. Reading Barbara's past two posts on being prepared for an economic downturn brought back many memories of my conservative ways during those days. Funny how far I have strayed from those times.


  1. I agree, Pat. Barbara had some wonderful ideas. It's funny how prosperity in our lives, just as simple as have more $$ because our children are grown, makes us forget these things. Her post was a good reminder for me as well.

  2. Those of us who are writing life stories may do well to include a number with detailed instructions on how to do things "the old fashioned way." We can write our own survival guides for tough times. This wisdom is largely lost, and could well be needed again. The way it looks right now, we may be here to give personal instruction, but it never hurts to have it written down.

    Life story writing can be so much more than just "stories." It can include annotated recipes and instructions on how to darn socks or dry fruit.

    Maybe we should be haunting used book stores for copies of the Foxfire books... I have a copy of an old book "Receipts" from my husband's family. It was published in 1869 and includes "receipts for everything from manures (fertilizer potions of various sorts) to gun bluing, fruitcake, and remedies for arthritis, gout and anything else that ails you. I don't often open it, because it is crumbling with age, but what a treasure! Organic gardeners would love it!

    There may be a blessing in a return to basics, should that happen, and we can open the doors.