Sunday, February 8, 2009


For several months I have been following the blog, Rudy's Beat. The blog is an endearing, and often heartbreaking description of a family (mother, father and three older children) coping with a critically ill baby named Rudy who has spent his first 18 weeks of life in an ICU unit. Both parents take turns writing about their experiences and both are excellent writers. They also include pictures and sometimes videos of their moments with Rudy which have made me feel like I was a part of the family and the fight for Rudy's life.

I first came to Rudy's Beat because I know Rudy's grandmother and we often meet at Mass and pray for Rudy. I also wear the blue bracelet that says "Rudy's captured my heart" that a family friend created to help us remember to pray for Rudy and his family.

The family recently experienced the death of their 100-year-old Uncle Rixie and the memorial service was last week. Trish, Rudy's mother, sang at the memorial service and Rolf, Rudy's father, gave the eulogy. Rolf recorded the songs that Trish sang at the memorial service and she has the most wonderful voice. The songs she sang were so moving that I had tears running down my face as I listened. After Trish's songs Rolf included a copy of the eulogy he gave for this remarkable man who was such a huge influence in their lives--especially Rolf's. I could learn many life lessons from what Rolf said in his eulogy about his Uncle Rixie.


  1. It is so neat how other people stories can touch our own!

  2. Yes, I have become really attached to Rudy’s family and I only know Helga, the grandmother.