Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visiting the Grandchildren

Last week we went to visit Son #2 and his family. What fun we had! We played with the grandchildren, drove to the Panhandle town where I was born, celebrated Em's 9th birthday (a bit early), did some art projects, went for a lovely hike on the ranch next to their house, took some pictures around their house that I would like to paint, and had a grand visit. I was sad to come home. Here are a few pictures from the visit (aren't digital cameras wonderful??).
Em is taking fencing lessons and was practicing with a hay bale.
Little One is growing up way too fast, is talking a blue streak, and is cute as a button
We took the kids to school Friday morning so we could hear Em and her class sing a Fun Friday song. Em, Soph, and Little One wait with Kara.
I loved roaming around taking pictures. This one behind their house makes me want to whip out my paints and get started. The only things missing are the cows and bull that occasionally wander by.
We celebrated Em's birthday with cake and candles (the reigniting kind) and Son #2 was teasing that he might need to use the fire extinguisher to put out the candles. We had a nice celebration with Em. Happy Birthday this week, Em!!


  1. Pat- What a great time you must have had. I was wondering where you got off to. Blessings.

  2. Looks (and sounds) like fun! This was always my favorite time of the year in Texas. Not too cold, not too warm.

    My gym here is so boring! I just go in and go out.

  3. We had a great time too!!!