Friday, March 27, 2009


We used to go out to eat on Friday nights and then on over to Barnes & Noble for coffee, dessert and a few books to add to our stash to read. However, lately we have been pinching our pennies a bit tighter and have cut back on eating out and buying books. Instead we have made a couple of changes.

Last Friday my husband called from the grocery store and said they had some lovely salmon. I told him to get it and I would fix it for our evening meal. I figured out the cost of that meal and found that even though the salmon cost $7.28, our entire meal cost less than $15 and was delicious (although I did have to cook and clean up!). That is at least half what a good meal might cost at a nice restaurant. We also skipped going to Barnes & Noble because I have been checking my books out of the library. My husband likes to write in his books, so he either goes to sales for his books or goes to the library to buy his books--they have a large room of used books for sale there. My books cost nothing now and his cost a fraction of what they sell for at Barnes & Noble.

Occasionally we still go out to eat, but we pick less expensive places to eat or we share a meal (better for the waistline, too!) when we go to an expensive restaurant. Also, the dilemma of where to store books has lessened because I do not buy so many anymore. Less clutter! Whee!


  1. That sounds like a lovely Friday night! I'd miss eating out (it's one of my favorite things to do), but the salmon sounds really special.

    I can't pass up books at discount stores, or the sale table our local library has. I can usually find really good deals - and as a result I'm running out of room, too! :)

  2. We don't eat out at all anymore unless someone gives us a gift certificate. Then we find coupons!