Friday, April 3, 2009


Talking to another grandmother and her daughter-in-law yesterday about the high cost of children's toys nowadays. Whew! I have three or four children's birthday presents to buy this month and the cost of toys is staggering.

In the interest of saving money, I was thinking about making some of the stuffed animals I used to make for my children as they were growing up. We still have a few of them around here. However, my time is limited right now due to lots of company this weekend (blog report soon--taking LOTS of pictures).

A young mother visiting us also suggested that I go to a couple of second-hand stores in our area that specialize in young children's clothes and toys. She said that she has found several toy sets in excellent condition with all the pieces intact and the price was very reasonable compared to the local toy stores.

Well, I am off to buy a birthday cake to cover the 5 birthdays that we are celebrating this weekend with close to 30 people visiting for the occasion(s). Then I plan to visit at least one of the second-hand children's stores! More on the family gathering next week when the dust settles and I can hook up my camera to the computer for a pictoral view of the weekend.


  1. Lots of company!! Enjoy your gathering. It sounds wonderful. I have gone to some of the seconds stores when I needed toys for my grandson's visits here. SOme of the stuff is like brand new!

  2. I love family gatherings and yours sounds wonderful! Look forward to hearing details and seeing pics.