Saturday, June 27, 2009


We are definitely in the midst of a heat wave and the weatherman says the worst is yet to come. A couple of days ago it was 107 and today it was 105. That makes me wonder what is yet to come--especially as I see so many of our plants struggling to stay alive in this heat.

Please share with me the ways you stay cool in hot weather. I stay inside as much as possible but I long to be outside working in the yard. Today, though, the heat felt like it was pressing me into the ground. I guess that is the high pressure system that has been sitting on top of us for more than a week creating our above-normal heat.

I am praying for rain and a break in this heat wave!


  1. Jim always keeps the air-conditioner running, so the house is always cool. I stay indoors and read when it is hot.

  2. We had some bad hot weather like that two weeks ago and I about died going to the store. Ugh. I stayed inside and waited it out! Stay cool!

  3. When we were in Dallas we stayed by the pool. It was just too hot!! When we got home it was 20 degress cooler, yippee. But I do try to get out in the mornings, but they are usually cool here.