Thursday, June 4, 2009


We have had visitors the past three days--LOTS of TEENAGERS! I had forgotten how it feels to have four teens in our house--all at one time. My daughter-in-law (wife of Son #1) was on her way to join some of her family for a camping trip in West Texas and stopped here for a couple of nights. She, brave woman that she is, brought our two grandchildren and two friends of Granddaughter #1.

We had 3 girls sleeping on blow up mattresses in our living room and that room was delightfully filled with giggles late into the night. Grandson #1 kept his granddaddy entertained by taking him to a movie and by attending to some other chores that they found needing their attention. Meanwhile, Daughter-in-law #1 organized these teens into an amazing cleaning crew while they were here. They could clean off a table and do the dishes before I could blink twice. And before they left this morning, all sheets had been washed, towels folded, and mattresses deflated and in their bags. Uh, Girls, please come back sometime to help out around here!
Not all was work, though. We went swimming--see grandchildren below enticing Daughter-in-law #1 into the cold water! Shopping and more shopping--no pictures, but lots of bags!!
And out to eat at the lake where we watched a beautiful sunset. Granddaughter #1 in the middle with her two friends.
And where would we be without our Blackberries??
Daughter-in-law #1 with the three girls.
Packing up their camping gear before they left this a.m. Lots to pack for 5 people!
Bye, Grandkids! Come back soon!

Daughter-in-law #1 checking to see if the girls are loaded up and ready to go.


  1. Wow, looks like a lot of fun. I can't believe April and Phillip are so big. Obviously, I don't get to see my niece and nephew near enough, because I could have sworn they were just little kids last time I saw them:)

    Glad they came for a visit!

  2. Those blow up mattresses are really good aren't they? We wouldn't be without ours.
    Blessings, Star

  3. It looked like you had a great time! Your family is great looking!! Now get some rest:)

  4. Reminds me of when the Tulsa willetts entertain all the sibs and their kids!
    Enjoyed the post.