Thursday, June 25, 2009


After we left Chaco Canyon, we drove to our friends' wonderful villa near Santa Fe for a brief (too brief) stay. They fed us well, took us on a hike, showed us their petroglyph, treated us to some rainy weather, and took us to Santa Fe. It was a delightful visit. Here are some pictures. This first picture shows their courtyard in the front of their house. It was just gorgeous with wonderful flowers and roses everywhere.

The next picture shows their backyard as seen from their back porch. Everything there is lovely and green because they have had regular rains for several weeks.

The picture above shows the view from the porch outside our bedroom. And the next picture shows the petroglyph that they discovered in the cliffs just below their house. We had quite a hike down hills to see it.

And then we had to tell them good-bye as they waved at us from the doorway to their front courtyard.

We really hated to leave...


  1. What lovely pictures! In many ways they make me think of my own Phoenix environs ... lush in an oddly beautiful way (who knew cactus flowered?).

    Enjoy your journey,

  2. What a beautiful house! And what a great trip you all had:)