Thursday, November 12, 2009


Miss Ella Bella's parents took her home from the hospital today with lots of medications and lots of instructions. The first hurdle was that Miss Ella Bella had to be able to swallow the medication and she passed that test. Now they have a strict set of rules to deal with the infection and the need to keep a sharp eye on her for a while. Her parents convinced the doctors that they could follow all the instructions and they arrived home about noon--much to everyone's relief. Progress!

Many thanks for all the prayers. Please continue to pray as they incorporate this little crisis into their already busy lives.
Miss Ella Bella using the Starfall Alphabet program on my computer when she was here last summer.

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  1. I'm glad to know she is home. My daughter was once hospitalized at about age 2.....when the doctor finally took her off a liquid diet and said a soft, bland diet, the kitchen sent up a tray with salad and French dressing, chicken, green beans, potatoes and COFFEE. The doctor flipped and told us to take her home as she'd get better attention there!!!