Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This morning I went to the fitness center as usual and ran into my friend Melody Chatelle and she told me that she had mentioned my book on her excellent blog. She said she had also provided a link to the NPR interview that I did at the end of September (which seems like an eon ago!). What a wonderful surprise!
Melody is quite a talented (and beautiful) person herself. She has been a longtime hospice volunteer, and also owns and operates Chatelle and Associates, a nationally-known communication and advocacy consulting firm in Austin, TX. She, too, has written a lovely book, Journeys of Heartache and Grace: Conversations and Life Lessons From Young People With Serious Illnesses, which has been praised as insightful, honest and a “must read” for anyone who wants to support a loved one through a serious illness.

Melody was one of those angels who supported me when Mother was in the hospital. One day I was searching for some kind of snack in the candy machine at the hospital and looked up to find Melody standing there handing me a sack with a very comforting book and some HEALTHY snacks. Another day she brought me a HUGE piece of comfort-food cake at lunchtime and I wolfed down the WHOLE THING! She also sent me various encouraging notes and reading suggestions during those difficult three weeks that Mother was in the hospital. She obviously really knows how to help those who are going through challenging times!
Thank you, Melody, for the gifts, the support, and the mention of my book on your blog! You're the greatest!


  1. What would we do without good friends? Thank God He placed her so near you when needed most.


  2. I'm glad you have such a good friend close by.

  3. Good friends are such a blessing.

  4. She is the kind of friend we all should have:) You are blessed!