Thursday, March 4, 2010


Seems like I have too many balls that I am trying to juggle at once right now.

We are meeting several times a week with our builder to finalize plans for the remodel of our house; I am STILL sorting and packing; I am trying to finalize the remaining details of settling Mother's estate; and I am busy with several writing groups and church responsibilities. In addition to all that, two of our neighbors have been sick so several of us in the neighborhood have rallied to help feed their families. I have only contributed food once this week but I have been the "reporter" for the neighborhood and I am trying to keep everyone informed through e-mail.

I think I need juggling lessons!


  1. Don't take on so much that you get overwhelmed, okay?

  2. Lordy, Pat I need to go back to bed after reading all that. I'd bring food to YOU if I lived in Austin!

  3. Hang it there! I have balls or plates crashing to the ground on a regular basis around here, it's okay to drop the ball every once in awhile:)

  4. I think the balls are rattling around somewhere above my head and I am getting to the place that I don't even know which one I am supposed to catch (or drop??) next. However, my sweet hubby took me on a lovely date night last night and I feel so refreshed this a.m. Getting away for a few hours does, indeed, give perspective!

  5. And heading up a new ministry, I see.
    I think you are a natural juggler- no lessons needed.
    Don't forget to breathe!
    and yay Virgil- smart man.