Wednesday, May 26, 2010


On Monday our lumber was delivered for our house remodeling and there has been a bee hive of activity ever since with very talented men who have made our house grow UP in just two days.
On Tuesday the framers got right to work and the walls of the new additions began to go up.

Today the roof came off and they cut away the part where the second story will be.

I went to the dentist about midday and returned to find that we had a stairway to nowhere—but it shows where the second floor will be—probably by tomorrow or Friday.

On the stairway with me is our wonderful builder showing me what the upstairs will look like. This continues to be an exciting adventure!


  1. is moving so is neat to watch the house we grew up in expand for the grandkids!!

  2. I cannot imagine how excited you must be with each new development!