Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Monday morning our builder arrived at our door and told us that the demolition team was on its way and wanted to know how soon we could be out of our house. We called the mover and he came late Monday night to get our furniture and remaining boxes. During the day a procession of neighbors were in and out helping with the packing, organizing and feeding of our very busy day!

Many, many thanks to good neighbor, Cheryl, who masterminded much of the organizing and packing that happened so quickly that day--amidst all the banging and jack-hammering outside.

Yesterday was amazing. As the sidewalks, patio and brick disappeared from the outside of our house, the forms went up for our new addition. There were swarms of workers, Bobcats, dump trucks and diesel pickups there all day!

Meanwhile, Hubby and I are still looking for all those lost articles that may or may not surface in the next few weeks. Ah, the joys of remodeling.


  1. How exciting! No doubt there will chaos and mayhem for a spell, but the day's going to arrive that your "new" home will ordered again; a precious nest.

    Be sure to snap photos!


  2. Pictures...we need pictures!!!

  3. I have been borrowing computers around the neighborhood so I have not downloaded pictures from my camera yet. But I have been taking plenty.