Friday, June 18, 2010


Workers have been busy at our house all this week.  Much of the progress is not too noticeable from the outside, but the electricians, plumbers, a/c men and cornice workers have been very busy on the inside and outside of the house.  We now have a front porch.  They worked on that today and put the little curved "eyebrow" on at the end.  The fellow who did it was so proud of it and came to get us to see if we liked it.  We gave our approval!
I was also surprised this afternoon to see that we had a bathtub in our upstairs bathroom--full of WATER!  They said they were testing the system for leaks.  I was excited to see that we now have a bathtub.
Next I found a chair in my "studio" ready for me to set up my easel and begin painting.  I just might do that in the morning if the workers are not there and while it is still cool.  However, the workers worked all day last Saturday and seemed to think they would come again this week.
While we were showing a friend our house Bossy Mama and our neighborhood does came with their four babies and paraded back and forth in front of our living room window--showing off their youngsters for us to admire.  Bossy Mama came right up to the window to make sure we saw them out there!

Bossy Mama and her crew are definitely NOT shy!


  1. I think Bossy Mama was there to admire the work on your house...which is WONDERFUL. I do love that porch and what a terrific place you will have in which to do your painting.

  2. Oh how wonderful! Is there anything more dear than a fawn?

    What great progress. I know you're eager to have it completed, and to be settled. But how nice to have animal visitors along the way ...