Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my husband cut his thumb badly and had to have six stitches. I had been doctoring the cut every night but while we were on our trip our granddaughters took over the doctoring process. After their initial shocked reaction at seeing the large gash with the stitches, they rallied and became very serious about their doctoring responsibilities. Soph was first and she did an excellent job!

Em took the next night and she also did the job with great care and concern.
When we reached Son #4’s place, the girls decided their 4-year-old cousin, Miss Ella Bella, should have a turn. I was not sure about that, but she stepped up and began without batting an eye. Perhaps we will have some future doctors in the family??


  1. Love the looks of concentration on all their faces!

  2. If they aren't doctors, at least they'll make great mommies. That's a nasty looking cut. It reminds me how fortunate we are today to have doctors who can work miracles with needle and thread, warding off infection in the process.

  3. They did great, too cute!