Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

Today is rainy and cool--a perfect day for Christmas decorating. I got out all the decorations and the tree now has lights and some of our decorations. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

In putting out my decorations I always revisit many memories. I found the corduroy Santa made over a quart-sized milk carton that I got when our first two boys were very young. And I have hung the beaded Christmas ball that I made the Christmas that I was expecting Son #2 who was due on Christmas day. Now I am putting many ornament memories on our tree!

Several years ago my oldest granddaughter helped me decorate for Christmas and I told her the stories behind many of our decorations. It occurred to me that no one would remember those stories unless I wrote them down. Last year I photographed our Christmas decorations and ornaments that have special meaning to make a booklet for my grandchildren so that they would know the stories behind the decorations. My larger ornaments have the story attached or written on the bottom. Hopefully, the booklet will pass on a bit of our Christmas history over the past 40 years--a history that would otherwise be lost when I am no longer around to tell the stories.

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