Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In the past month we have been able to see all of our grandchildren. My! How they have grown and matured! See pictures attached. The first picture on the left is eldest son's family. Second picture on the right is #2 son's three girls. Third picture on left is son #3 with his niece, Em. And the fourth picture on the right is son #4 with daughter.

Well, my first learning curve--how to add pictures. I had them bouncing all over the place, then disappearing--and that left me screaming! But at last I got all four to stay on the page--this time! They are not as well balanced as I wanted, but you get the picture(s) anyway!


  1. Looks great! So glad you joined the blogging world:) I will add you to my link list.

  2. Wow! Looking at these beautiful pictures reminds me how fast time has flown! You are really "with it" for a grandma, Pat. Yay for you! I look forward to looking in on your news! Barbara