Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A First-Timer

I have been thinking about beginning a blog for quite some time now. Last summer my daughter-in-law began a blog and I have enjoyed reading it so much that I decided it was time to begin my own blog. She convinced me that the process was easy! I considered several topics, but decided that I would create this blog mainly for our family. So here goes...


  1. Wow! That is neat! I can hardly wait to see all the family news--pictures also! Way to go!

  2. Hey, Pat--Welcome to the blogosphere! I can guarantee you that it will be fun (frustrating too, sometimes) and that you'll learn a lot. But keep at it, and the fun will grow.--Susan Albert

  3. Pat;

    I think this is really cool. I hope you express your creative side on here.

    I hope that you are feeling physically and spiritually wonderful this holiday season.

    I miss our chats.

    Rev. Bill
    Elk GRove, CA