Monday, April 21, 2008

Ella Bella Pays a Visit

Son #4 and wife and almost-two-year-old, Ella Bella came for a quick visit yesterday. Ella Bella stayed to entertain us while her parents ran a number of errands in the big city and we had a great time letting her take care of us.

First we took her to the neighborhood beauty shop for kids and got her a haircut. She chose to sit in the red fire engine car to have her trim and was very, very good and still during the haircut (which took about five and a half minutes!).

Ella has a new cow from her grandaddy. She had said to him last week on the phone, "Buy cow," so Granddaddy found one for her and it even says "Moo!" in a very deep voice! She decided she needed to take her cow, and an elephant puppet our neighbor gave her, for a ride in her stroller. She and I went all over the neighborhood looking for the deer but never did find them. She said they "went nighty-night." She was probably right!

Next she spent some time with her Granddaddy and decorated his new lumber with her lovely art work--long flowing lines with a black permanent pen that he loaned her. She does have a flair for the abstract! She was very careful not to get any black ink on her clothes and very little on her hands.

Granddaddy decided she needed some lessons in hammering nails, so he gave her a dainty little hammer and a big nail and she knew exactly what to do with it. She has amazing hand-eye coordination and hit that ole nail on the head--without hitting her fingers! Her father has trained her well!

We had a wonderful time with Miss Ella Bella!


  1. Ella Bella is such a cutie pie. I see some resemblance between her and my girls, especially the one of her on the front porch! And I loved the story about Aunt Patty. I don't think I'd ever seen pictures of her. She has a special place in my heart for all her encouragement when I was pregnant with Em! Wish I could have met her.

  2. Thanks, Kara. Yes, there IS resemblance between her and your girls--and especially in their enthusiasm for life. And Aunt Patty was special, but did dance to a different drummer. Suppose any of our little ones will follow in her footsteps?